GP Care Advisors

The role of the GPCA is to facilitate people to access social care, welfare benefits and self-help support to help them maintain their independence at home.

Care Advisors are there to help you. Among their key roles are:

  • To listen to patients, carers and their families.
  • To provide advice, support, information and assistance in obtaining services from other agencies and where appropriate, make initial contact on the patient’s behalf.
  • Provide assistance in particular to carers of patients with dementia.
  • To help with the completion of welfare benefit claims forms.
  • To provide assessment of needs for Telecare equipment and services in the patients home.

Care advisors are easily accessible: referrals can be made by your GP, the practice nurse, district nurse, relatives, friends or of course yourself.

If you would like to discuss an issue with your Care Advisor, an appointment can be made at your surgery in the normal way online, by telephoning or popping in. If you are unable to visit the surgery, a home visit could be arranged.